The nine hour layover in Terceira

Terceira is beautiful. It is an island off of the coast of Africa and is part of the Azores. There are two major cities- Praia de Victoria, which is smaller than Angra, the large city on the island. Everyone i spoke too in theĀ island was amazing. The taxis are inexpensive, and i was able to … Continue reading The nine hour layover in Terceira

The Art of Daytripping

Daytripping is not just an art: It is a way of life. I spend far more weekend hours away from my cozy dwelling place than there. Here's how I normally plan my day trips: Step 1: Decide if you are going alone or with someone. This is easy! If I'm invited to hang out with … Continue reading The Art of Daytripping

Quarter-Life Crisis

So, for the past year, I have been telling people I've hit a quarter-life crisis. I have been telling people that my life is a quarter way done, I am single, I have bills to play, and that, honestly, although I love my job, I am unsure that I am in the field I want … Continue reading Quarter-Life Crisis