#GoCroatia: How To Spend Two Weeks In Croatia

Croatia is an incredible country with beautiful cities, plenty of nature, and great beaches. If Croatia is not on your itinerary, you need to add it as soon as possible. You won't be disappointed.

5 Must-Do Activities in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city rich in cultural history. It is easy to fill your time in Stockholm with excellent food, events and cultural discoveries. 1: Check out The Vasa The Vasa is an epic museum where you can discover much about Scandanavian Life. Essentially, the museum harbors an actual ship that was preserved for … Continue reading 5 Must-Do Activities in Stockholm

Remembering My Grandma Ginger

I'm boarding a plane to Stockholm Tuesday evening. I will arrive in Sweden the next day, September 6, around 9am. I had initially planned to prepare for my trip last week by putting my items in storage, packing, calling about my financial stuff, squeezing in a couple of extra shifts at my per diem job, … Continue reading Remembering My Grandma Ginger

How I got my ticket from Boston to Bali for $5.60

"The first time I traveled, I visited over 14 countries over the course of two months for under $5000 dollars in Europe."

London, England: Part 1

I remember the first time I went to Europe. I had planned it extensively. One of the luxuries I had was complete and total freedom. Essentially, this meant I googled cheap flights. London was originally a three night stopover on the way to Sweden. I was with my great friend Amelia, and when we arrived, … Continue reading London, England: Part 1

Life: Back to Square 1

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I first booked my ticket to Portugal. Since then, I have gone back to Europe, visited Scotland, driven to Canada, gained a boyfriend, and, arguably, have overcome a quarter-century crisis. Oh and I'm graduating from graduate school. I miss travelling a ton! I haven't been … Continue reading Life: Back to Square 1

What is Lagos?

Lagos, Portugal. Never heard of it? Neither had I. I stumbled, somewhat accidentally into this place via google. Literally, just google beaches in Portugal and you will see the Algarves. The Algarves Are a region of southern Portugal that were described by google as "the Florida of Europe." After seeing pictures and reading reviews, I … Continue reading What is Lagos?

Sintra, Portugal

What is Sintra? A beautiful small town about thirty minutes by train North of Lisbon. It contains 2 palaces and 3 castles, one of which is on too of a hill that you can hike to see. This is Mouros (sp?) Sintra is wonderful for hiking and exploring- my personal favorite castle is the Quinta … Continue reading Sintra, Portugal