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Brussels, Belgium

Why don't people talk about Brussels? I, myself, never thought omg, Brussels, that's my city, and would not have ended up there if I had not been obsessed with chocolate. When we arrived in Brussels the first thing I noticed was gold. Magnificent buildings. I so wanted to spend more time here. Belgium of course … Continue reading Brussels, Belgium

Life: Back to Square 1

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I first booked my ticket to Portugal. Since then, I have gone back to Europe, visited Scotland, driven to Canada, gained a boyfriend, and, arguably, have overcome a quarter-century crisis. Oh and I'm graduating from graduate school. I miss travelling a ton! I haven't been … Continue reading Life: Back to Square 1

What is Lagos?

Lagos, Portugal. Never heard of it? Neither had I. I stumbled, somewhat accidentally into this place via google. Literally, just google beaches in Portugal and you will see the Algarves. The Algarves Are a region of southern Portugal that were described by google as "the Florida of Europe." After seeing pictures and reading reviews, I … Continue reading What is Lagos?

The Lovely Land of Lisbon

to gotttAs an American I do nit hear enough about Lisbon. It is a beautiful city, rich with history and culture. There are several regions but I was fortunate enough to stay in the Alfama district, which is the historic center. Everything about it was beautiful. I used airbnb to get a room steps away … Continue reading The Lovely Land of Lisbon

Sintra, Portugal

What is Sintra? A beautiful small town about thirty minutes by train North of Lisbon. It contains 2 palaces and 3 castles, one of which is on too of a hill that you can hike to see. This is Mouros (sp?) Sintra is wonderful for hiking and exploring- my personal favorite castle is the Quinta … Continue reading Sintra, Portugal

The nine hour layover in Terceira

Terceira is beautiful. It is an island off of the coast of Africa and is part of the Azores. There are two major cities- Praia de Victoria, which is smaller than Angra, the large city on the island. Everyone i spoke too in the¬†island was amazing. The taxis are inexpensive, and i was able to … Continue reading The nine hour layover in Terceira

How to pack for 50 days… (With a limit of 8kg)

So for the past two months I have been googling, pulling research up and generally thinking of every scenario. Looked at Rick Steve's blog. Googled cost-effectiveness. Joined hostelworld. Emailed the folks at airbnb. Booked everything. Chatted with my lovely friends. The most nerve-wracking part about this trip has been my wardrobe. What would I do … Continue reading How to pack for 50 days… (With a limit of 8kg)

What do Disney movies and Arrested Development have in common?

Newsflash: I'm going overseas and only know English. Awesome. I had a bit of a panic attack back after I purchased my ticket. I don't have the money for language classes, and furthermore, between ¬†grad school, fulltime teaching and a weekend job, I don't have time to add anything to my schedule Here's how I … Continue reading What do Disney movies and Arrested Development have in common?

The Art of Daytripping

Daytripping is not just an art: It is a way of life. I spend far more weekend hours away from my cozy dwelling place than there. Here's how I normally plan my day trips: Step 1: Decide if you are going alone or with someone. This is easy! If I'm invited to hang out with … Continue reading The Art of Daytripping